Wisdom Chain,
interconnection protocol of data capital
Wisdom chain introduction
Wisdom Chain
The W isdom Chain is a brand new intelligent contract and communication platform, based on Block Chain, faced to smart city, achieving the Internet of Things for living facilities and interconnection for living information.

Ecosystem of Wisdom Chain

As a basic supporting system, will be released in the form of Main Chain, supporting parallel running structure of multi-chains and multi level communication protocol, including device interconnection protocol, terminal data sharing, ID authentication and instant communication protocol etc, achieving the network autonomy with the synchronization of node data through the mixed consensus mechanism by the combination of PoW and PoS.

Ecosystem of Wisdom Chain


Device ID Authentication

With internet of things, it will bring billions of devices, from the personal life equipments to large household equipments. These equipments has the ID authentication. these various kinds of equipments will be acknowledged . The wisdom chain can provide a collection storage for the device identities and associate account address.


Data Assets

The range of the digit asset is very wide. All kinds of ownership can be digitalized in the chain, achieving the reflection of reality ownership in the chain. The digit assets which enter the chain, can be circulated and managed in self-defined rule by the script, producing new application value.


Medical Data Sharing

To promote the development of public health and make personal medical data more useful. Through the medical data sharing application deployed in the chain, under the premise guaranteeing the privacy of personal identity, the data from every medical institute are connected.


Life Habit Data

The life habit data generated personally, will be produced by various intelligent devices, such as fitness data, work and rest data, meal booking habit data. These data will be issued through private key of person or device, into the chain, ensuring the personal privacy, and making the life habit data having the feature of capitalization.

Core Technology
—Block chain features—

“Our vision is to promote the capitalization of people’s life data, to build the block chain service net to dig deeply the value of personal data, through achieving the circulation of capitalization of personal life data”

Security Script System

Against the operation related to the data assets and underlying invoke, the wisdom chain provides a group of call library for the external programs. In the design of the whole script orders, to wisdom chain, the restricted programming ability is kept. Because the functional scenarios is fixed, the function of the script order is fixed too.


Application Development Template

The application template is an important part of the wisdom chain developing ecology, a friendly aspect to the development.to reduce the deployment difficulty, and to let more community members join the development of wisdom chain, a standard application template will be provided, in which module the main chain supports.


Supporting Dynamic Consensus

To build the dynamic consensus is a important mechanism for the wisdom chain to sustain the fairness of the community. For a data asset service system faced to the public, the setup of the system’s core mechanism will be fully relegated to the community.


Built-in multichain mechanism

In the ecology design of wisdom chain, the multi-layer business function system will be supported from asset certificate definition to asset data application. The complete network system will be divided by the business function and supported by the form of multi-chain. It isolates different business chains provided by status channel. Each business chain runs a particular application. The business chain keeps anchoring with the main chain, and runs in the same node with the main chain.

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