Wisdom Chain

WDC is devoted to the intelligent data interconnection of the basic block chain ecosystem. It is a new type of intelligent contract communication platform to realize the Internet of Things and life information interconnection of living equipment.

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Core team

WDC International Core Development Team, with at least 30 basic software system experts, has been working in Linux Open Source Community, Postgresql Open Source Community, BTC Forum, PGP Community and so on for many years. It has an average of more than five years'experience in the development of the bottom technology of block chain. Its members are distributed all over the world, and core developers are interested in block chain. Not only from the bottom of the technology and the level of real economy have many years of cognitive, development, practical experience, with the top comprehensive design and development capabilities.


The WDC Foundation in Singapore has an operation center in Bangkok and operates in a community autonomous manner. The global community has formed a broad consensus on the value ecosystem of wdc. At this stage, we have established cooperation partners with major entities, such as e-commerce, medical, agricultural products traceability, advertising and so on.


WDC public chain is based on the idea of serving the real economy and meeting the needs of the public business. It will contribute to the cause of block chain in the future.

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Welcome new partners to join us, please contact us.

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