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Wisdom chain is a basic public chain which is oriented to business applications.Its functional design is carried out around asset definition, multi signature, conditional payment and certificate storage. Based on the design principles of stable security and multi-party autonomy, a unique technology stack implementation method is introduced in the design of performance, security and system openness. For a basic public chain, cryptography, consensus mechanism, P2P network layer, ledger storage layer and script system are the five core basic modules. Wisdom chain has absorbed the advantages of the predecessors and learned many defects and lessons from the design of these five modules, and conducted in-depth research and innovation on the basis.


Project Scenario

Smart City

Through the construction of value network on blockchain, it connects urban intelligent devices, such as intelligent charging, intelligent bills, intelligent transportation, identity verification, etc. On the basis of data sharing, the measurement of data ownership and data identification are realized.

Data Assets

The data generated by the user's IOT equipment is the user's digital assets. The Wisdom Chain provides the whole network notarization for the user's digital assets, and realizes the transfer of digital assets through the asset transfer contract. This is an important application of user data capitalization.

Smart Home

In the era of Internet of things, every family will have more and more smart homes, such as network TV, wireless speakers, smart remote control, smart fitness equipment, etc. Through Wisdom Chain, the integrated management terminal of intelligent data can be built, which is convenient to manage many IOT devices.

Medical Data Sharing

Through the deployment of medical data sharing applications on the chain, on the premise of ensuring personal identity privacy, connect the data of various medical institutions, reduce the expensive cost of system integration between medical institutions, and enable the data to have a rapid spread ability in the global scope.




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