1. Which kind of consensus mechanism is used by wisdom chain?

The consensus mechanism of the wisdom chain has an iterative development process. During the first stage, we use the Pow+Pos mechanism, that is a combination mechanism by proof of work and proof of stake. During the second stage, we use a build-in multi-chain mode. We keep the main chain as PoW+Pos, besides we expand the side chains according to the design rule of one chain against one application. The side chain is followed by PoS mode. During the third stage, we support the community voting decision mode, supporting dynamic adjustment of consensus mechanism.

2. What is the core algorithm of the wisdom chain?

In the progress of main chain's design and implementation, there is always a core algorithm to achieve each technology stack. The consensus mechanism uses PoW+PoS as the algorithm. The public key algorithm uses ed25519 among the elliptic curve algorithm. Theblock hash and transaction hashuse SHA3.

3. The incubator consensus mechanism of wisdom chain at this stage, how can it expand after the main chain is on line?

The incubator at this stage actually contain parts of the PoS consensus mechanism design strategy used by the wisdom chain. At the same time, it is the publishing and distribution strategy of WDC. During the design stage of the main chain's consensus, we will import design smoothly based on the incubator strategy, keep the existing distribution mechanism, and simplify properly. To wisdom chain, the benefit of the community is no.1. It's good for the long-term sustainable development of future ecology of wisdom chain, maintaining a economic model of community consensus.

4. Which kind of applications will be deployed by wisdom chain?

The wisdom chain has clear application scenarios, to achieve the internet of things for living facilities and interconnection for living information. So there are application deployments as follows:

1) validation of personal ID information

2) deposit certificate of personal device information

3) e-commerce of internet of things platform

4) social communication based on chain

Of course, the application deployment is not limited in this area. We will let more and more communities to participate in the application construction, with the development of main chain, improve the quality and convenience of the life.

5. In the progress of technology promoting, which arrangements participated by communities will the wisdom chain have?

We will carry out the following activities at least.

1) The interaction of enhancing the suggestions in the community, encouraging everyone to take part in the construction of suggestions.

2) Texts writing and volunteers activities

3) Development forum of application design

4) Entity docking

6. How about the progress of developing and planning of wisdom chain?

We will push the launch of the testing chain during the developing period which is about 8 months. In other words, we will launch the testing chain in January, 2019. After that, the test of community will join. And we plan to start the main chain in the coming 3 months. And we will commit WDC reflection and application deployment etc. The detailed schedule will be announced at a certain time according to the actual progress.

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