The wisdom chain WDC global consensus development summit is solemnly convened

Issuing time:2018-08-02 00:00

The concept of block chain has gradually entered the field of vision. From the beginning to the first half of the knowledge, to a large number of fields known and even applied to the ground, the big trend of block chain has been formed, which is called the fourth industrial revolution, and the real value of the block chain project will be the core power of the development of the block chain.


Since last year, the Wisdom Chain WDC Public Chain project has emerged in the chain circle, and it is understood that the public chain is developed and expanded by the world's top block chain team. The underlying technology of its public chain has been demonstrated at the application level. Many senior chain circle people have expressed support and optimism, it is known that there are many international capital institutions, large group enterprises gradually involved in cooperation.

In August 2nd, the wisdom chain WDC global consensus development summit was held in Bangkok. The summit is based on consensus, development and win-win. Prince Bawali Gillyako of Thailand, the High Commissioner of the army, Admiral giltha jalsb, Admiral of Pere senkon, secretary-general of the China Thai Friendship Association, Secretary General of Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant and China Thai Friendship Association, vice president of the court of the court of the court of the court of the Legislative Council, the business, industrial and labour Committee of the Legislative Council, Diligence. Doctoral College (Doctor), PRUGNSAK CHAOWACHART(lawyer), WDC operator CEO Alex horse, block chain technical expert, Dr. Jiang Yong of vernacular block chain, Li Liangzhong, vice president of Luke group, Wu Nanjiang chairman of Sino Thai cultural exchange center, and many international capital representatives. The Thai media attended the grand meeting.

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