A brief analysis of application value of main chain system

Issuing time:2018-08-30 00:00

In the category of all the products in block chain, the main chain is the most foundational, meanwhile it has the highest requirement to the technique.  Any block chain application scenario, no matter what kind of scenario is jointed with, or jointed with various kinds of front and rear terminals, can’t leave the main chain itself.  Then what is main chain?  The bit coin is main chain, ETH (ethereum) is main chain, EOS is main, and so on.  The main chain is the basic of running intelligent protocol, and the basic to constitute block chain network.  Without any doubt, the main chain system has the maximum value. Therefore as a community, which aspects application value of the main chain’s development should be concerned about?  Let’s make a brief analysis.

If we play brainstorm , a lot of people can speak out the basic application: electric cash system.  But we don’t want to talk about this territory today.  The value is so limited if the main chain system is only used to implement the cash system.  As a kind of technique or a system, the real value should be implemented in the peoples livelihood applications.  It is the real value that generates value on the demands of the general public.

Then which belong to livelihood territory?

The first one is the traceability, such as the traceability against the food, medicine, raw materials and files.  Once the production level deployment is accomplished in the main chain, the data will can’t be tampered, which is valuable to the traceability.  In the meanwhile, the data of block chain is in sequence of block by block, the data of each block is preordered by previous data.  So it is very hard to tamper and falsify the data.  Someone has such doubt, are all the data in the entire chain trash data if the first data is fake in the very beginning.

This is indeed true.  But there is an old saying, you have to pay back sooner or later while you are living in this society. We will face the next two problems if you input the fake data from the beginning.

1.   Continue to cheat from the beginning to the end, finishing the entire fake data in the chain, keep the lies to the end.

2.   Worry about the fake data are disclosed to the public at any time.  The risk will be always with you through over your whole life time.

3.   Undoubtedly, both of the above problems are very troublesome and headache, which greatly increase the cost of cheating.  Therefore, the support to the traceability by the main chain has the significant meaning.

Except the traceability, the regional security data also has important relationship with livelihood of people.  Along with the development of the society, the development level will be different between different regions, and various security problems come.  There are a lot of security problems, such as the quantity of crimes in a territory, average economy level, special customs, the composition of migrant population and so on. For a person far away from hometown, especially in a strange territory, he hopes strongly to know the security issue of this territory and prevent something in advance.  For instance, some places are not suitable for going outside at night, the folkway of local people are very tough, the population moves frequently in some place. It may be a nice application scenarios if the upload management of these information and data are done through main chain. As long as there is the appropriate economic model drive, the general public is completely able to provide sufficient information, and these information can protect the uploader through the anonymous account address.  The uploaded information can be selected by the way of setting up voting mode. Every historical event will be stored in the block, which can also be used for historical analysis.

Except two examples above, there are a lot of other application value, like application for E-commerce, for E-payment, for chat and communication, for E-mail, for website service and so on. No matter it’s the traceability or the non-tampering of data, or the feature of intelligent agreement, they have a large room for imagination.  The main chain community should expand the actual application and dig the real value of the main chain system. Instead of focusing on concepts or all fantastic technical terms, the discussion should be focused on practical applications.  As long as even the simplest applications can be implemented and can make use of value, this is the true value.

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