Incubator upgrade announcement

Issuing time:2018-09-05 00:00

To global WDC incubator node that the WDC incubator ecosystem will soon be upgraded. Advancing to a milestone stage of growth. A number of new, enhanced features will be released, which is to make preparations for effectively cooperate with the main chain test network and test applications, but also to satisfy the sense of experience .To comply with the main chain application contract requirements after the main chain start up, the spirit of contract can be fully implemented. Therefore, in the process of adding and enhancing functions, it is possible to short-term impact on the broader node incubator experience, but not affect the promotion of community incubator nodes, incubation. The development team will scientifically arrange time points to implement development plans and publish processes.

The main development of new enhancements is expected to thirteen major items, such as:

First, instant messaging function:

1.1 address book (can add friends to each other)

1.2 instant chat (text, expression, picture)

1.3 group chat

Two, digital assets red envelope function

2.1 issue of digital assets (BTC/USDT/ETH/WDC, etc.) red envelopes

2.2 can be distributed or privately issued

Three, digital asset wallet.

3.1 can store mainstream assets such as BTC/USDT/ETH/WDC.

3.2 recharge

Four, the payment of digital assets with QR code.

4.1 payment of digital assets (scan code to payment)

4.2 receive digital assets(scan code to receive) and so on. Follow up will be announced Successively!

Here, thank all community node for their efforts, for a better future and progress, Witness the growth together!

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