A brief analysis of the block chain system architecture

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The block chain system is aconcept of ecological system currently.

Earlier before, it is alwaysbit coin while we mention about the block chain.  Along with the development, there are moreand more systems, and more and more abundant products design, which are not allthe bottom systems. Except the normally mentioned basic system such as bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, XRP (Ripple), Cosmos etc, there are various kinds ofproducts like client-side digital wallet, transaction system, intelligentcontract development framework, data assets protocol and so on.  All these software system composes thecomplete ecological system of block chain. We are not going to discuss all the ecological system today, but toanalyze the basic system briefly.  

As a basic system including alot of modules, it has its own proprietary architecture.  Of course, architecture is relatively a macroconcept.  Different design, differentfunction composition and different design style, the architecture isdifferent.  Meanwhile as a designcomponent of software system, different perspectives can also lead to differentdefinitions.  In order to give everybodya more emotional experience, let’s look are a general infrastructure diagram,which is a mandatory component of all the block chain system, as the following picture:

Figure 1-1 Architecture of bitcoin

As shown in picture 1-1, thisis a brief architecture diagram, with extension, each layer can be subdividedfurther.  But it’s already enough for usto understand a normal architecture composition .  Actually this diagram is treated mainly fromthe technique composition.  We can divideit as follows, if we are more abstractive from a management’s angle of view.

Figure 1-2 Managementperspective architecture

As shown in the picture 1-2,this diagram is simplified a lot, not extend the content of techniquearea.  Just like the seven-layeragreement model, this is divided into six-layer structure, which is moreabstractive and easy to understand for a non-technical personnel.

Taking bit coin for example,the bit coin block account book belongs to the data layer, P2P composed betweenthe nodes belongs to network layer, mining belongs to consensus layer, blockreward belongs to encourage layer, the script belongs to intelligent contract,the application layer is developed by invoking the RPC service of bit coin.  Other types of block chain systems can alsocorrespond to this combination.  But thepicture 1-1 is more straight, if you want to look at the detailed technicalarchitecture composition.

We can see that, these are thecontent of block chain architecture basically. This is the same as the purchase-sell-stock system of an enterprise,financial software, e-mall and food ordering website.  

Each team has its own specificimplementation, and the difference is reflected in the specific implementationof details, however the architecture composition at the macro level is largelythe same.

Someone may ask if there isany authoritative documentation on this subject.  In fact, as a system originating from theopen source community, the block chain system has not been definedspecifically.  Most of its standards areexplanatory files summarized from the previous contents by the successor.  However, as the block chain system is stillin the early developing stage, it’s hard to say that a certain definition isabsolutely correct.

We can pay more attention tothe implementation of specific details when we look at the structure of asystem, such as the specific consensus mechanism adopted and the scriptengineer adopted.  

For examples, the most magnificentdifference between ethereum and bit coin is that the ethereum supports Turing’scomplete script engine, while the bit coin can only support the simpletransaction command with the incomplete Turing.

The technology architecture ofthe wisdom chain absorbed the advantages of bit coin, ethereum and the Ripplenetwork, when it was designed.  It highlyfocused on the ensuring the integrity of the network’s community and securityof the script system.

The specific details will bedisclosed to the community gradually along with the research and developmentprogress.

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