Wisdom Chain Profile

Wisdom chain dedicates to achieve the foundation block chain ecology system of intelligent data capital interconnection, is a new intelligent contract communication platform, based on the block chain technology, achieving the internet of things for living devices, and the interconnection of life information. It aims to provide distributed data connection service for many intelligent items of human being, and ID authentication, the exchange service of data asset.  The wisdom chain as a bottom supporting system, is deployed in the form of community autonomy, finally supporting the parallel running structure of multi-chains and multi level communication protocol, including the agreement of devices interconnection, terminal data sharing, ID authentication and instant communication protocol etc.


Smart City

Through the construction of value chain based on block chain, it connects urban intelligent devices, such as intelligent charging, intelligent bills, intelligent transportation and identity authentication and so on. Data ownership measurement and data identity authentication are realized on the basis of data sharing.


Smart Home

In the era of Internet of things, every family will have more and more smart home, Internet TV, wireless speakers, intelligent remote control, intelligent fitness equipment and so on. Through Wisdom Chain, we can build an integrated management terminal of intelligent data to facilitate the management of many IOT devices.


Data Assets

The data generated by the user associated equipment is the user's digital assets, wisdom chain provides the full network notarization for the user's digital assets and the transfer of the digital assets through the asset transfer contract. This is an important application of user data capitalization.


Smart key

In the Internet period, users have their own keys on various service platforms. The management of the key needs both security and convenience. The key management of the key is deployed through the wisdom chain network, and the key management of the security boundary can be provided.


Identity Certificate

Users have different identities on different network platforms, and a large number of service networks are becoming more and more integrated. An intermediate network is needed to provide identity authentication service. The Wisdom Chain can provide privacy and secure identity existence as well as legality proof service.


Asset Game

Small and lightweight games can be developed through the Wisdom Chain. The data generated in the game will be permanently stored by the Wisdom Chain and as the user's unique game asset data. In the future, we can open up the game board with the characteristics of value assets.


Food Traceability

The most important thing in the process of food tracing is the authenticity of multiparty verification and the non tampering of the data. The Wisdom Chain can provide the ability of data storage for tracing the source, and can verify the integrity of the traceability through multiple signatures.


Smart medical

By creating a non boundary sharing network of medical information, connecting the medical records of different medical platforms, and protecting the privacy through personal keys, it can not only enlarge the treatment efficiency of the patients, but also help the rapid development of the medical service.


Public funds

The Wisdom Chain will actively participate in the public welfare, and plans to establish public welfare and other contractual applications in the main chain in the future, promote public welfare development, and promote the greatest strength of the community through technology.

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